Mural for Art Basel 2016 by Tati in Wynwood, Miami


Street artist from Miami, Tatiana “Tati” Suarez is one of the figure of pop-surreal painting scene. Through her art, Tati shows up a dreamlike and ethereal world dominated by feminine figures. Those characters are the way to communicate her interior universe as she admits:

They’re vessels for me to communicate personal stories, emotions, folklore […] I’ve been doing a lot of little water colour studies based on female characters from movies that I’m a big fan of […] They’re ways for me to get ideas and stuff out…

In Tatiana’s art the feminine element is blended with the natural world creating a dinamic and exotic narrative. The culture of her parents’ native countries, Brazil and El Salvador, converges into symbols and folklore that adorn the paintings. In fact, lush plants and hummer birds appear in her artworks creating a dialogue with indigenous faces. Moreover, the enchanted and suggestive atmosphere refers to South American landscapes through a tropical and steamy colour palette.

For Art Basel 2016 at Wynwood Walls, the theme choosed was “Fear less” to express a message of courage for showing the work of international street artists. Tatiana Suarez joint in the event with one of her female portrait, surrounded by evocative natural symbols and sensual untertones.


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