Nemo’s big wall for Làbas in Bologna, Italy

In the center of Bologna there is a social center called Làbas. It is a political organization that for about five years was occupying the spaces of a former barracks, subtracting from the abandonment, degradation and real estate speculation a very large area in the heart of Bologna, returning it to the neighborhood, the city, the community, in which projects of a social and cultural nature are held.
On August 8th 2017 Làbas was violently evicted by the police. From that day a campaign began for the reopening of Làbas: over 15000 people took part in the “Riopen Làbas” event on September 9th 2017.
Nemo’s has worked on the transformation of the external wall, his murals are in fact always the container of a message and references related to the history and characteristics of the place where he paints.
Frequently his pieces serve as a clear example of the artist’s opinion of capitalism and mass media,on the importance of activism in the field of social justice. His attention is also focused on immigrants who are increasingly the object of oppression and racism.
Thanks to the reading of some articles we learn the interesting origin of its name: it derives from the comic series Little Nemo in Slumberland by the American designer Winsor McCay, and in particular by the protagonist Little Nemo, a child who dreams fantastic adventures every night . Each comics ends with the return to reality and the abrupt awakening of the protagonist, complete with a fall from the bed.


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