“Never give up” by Millo in Santiago, Chile


Walking in the city centre of Santiago de Chile it’s possible to bump into this huge mural made by Italian street artist Millo. The work is part of the street art festival “Hecho en Casa” which brings to Chilean capital popular artists from around the world. The aim of the event is to rethink the urban space as a place where people can communicate and establish connections. In this regard, Millo’s murals reflect on the inhabitants, their role in the society and their relationship with the urban setting. So, for this work Millo features a little girl hugging a heart-shaped tree with a sprout emerging from the top as symbol of hope. Millo wants to give us a positive message: never surrender. Thus, to highlight this concept, he uses splash of colours for the tree trunk and the girl, leaving the cityscape in black and white. Also, the skyscrapers in the background remind to the metropolitan life of Santiago inhabitants, suggesting them the chance of reconnecting with a more human existance.

In conclusion, reading Millo’s words related to this work: “Hoping for a better future is something that everyone does in the heart”, it reminds us that it’s possible to make the seed germinate in the middle of the city thanks to our firm hope.


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