Nils for Urban Nation in Bulöwstrasse, Berlin



Nils Westegard known as Nils is a Belgian-American artist based in Richmond, Virginia. His works are mostly stencils facing with political issues and introspective portraits. He studied Film that gives him a personal outlook to his murals. He begins his work in the studio to develop then in the streets, choosing the decaying and dirty walls to paint his subjects on and taking inspiration from everyday life. Interesting is his way to work: he starts from a picture to create different layers of stencils that he combines together on the wall to produce the final image that he defines with the spray cans. The most important part is still the photograph that generates the whole picture.

Using his friends as reference, Nils makes large scale of black and white portraits, often showing different points of the same face to create an illusory game for the public. In Berlin, he creates an half-profile portrait immerse us in an intimate and delicate atmosphere. The artwork results completely integrated in its surroundings but, at the same time, the deep gaze of the image attracts the viewers’ attention.

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