“Parthenope” by Francisco Bosoletti in Naples, Italy

Naples is deeply immersed into myths, folklore and tradition and also the street art interlaces with the legends of the city. It’s the case of the mural “Parthenope” realized by Argentinian street artist Francisco Bosoletti. He takes inspiration from the legend of Naples’s birth which talks about a siren getting to the Neapolitan coasts: the morphology of the landscape would imitate the shape of her body. Bosoletti works on this 15 metres mural, situated in Martadei, creating the profile of a woman which recalls the Mediterranean beauty and it appears as goddess of nature. Bosoletti is able to mix classicism with social awareness playing with human figures and communicating strength, poetry and realism. This piece is the result of a crowdfunding of the neighbourhood which provided the materials while the artist worked for free. The project is based on the idea to bring “the beauty into the streets” through the popular participation because people have the right to be involved with the creativity and the beauty of its community.


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