Phlegm in Malmo, Sweden

Phlegm is a very famous British street artist, known in the world for his intricate and detailed black and white style. He has experience as illustrator and the world of comics influences his artworks to create creepy characters and monstrous animals with strange features. For the Artscape Festival 2014 in Malmo, Phlegm realizes a huge mural representing different size of characters climbing the wall. His creativity brings him to interact with the elements of the building: two small figures on the left are going up by the lamppost while two huge characters are standing and seating on the window ledge, creating a support base for the other beings to get to the top balcony. Another giant has already reached the roof, all the characters are connected by the ropes and the ladders. Phlegm’s characters seem to come out from his comics and to get ready to occupy all the city, giving us the chance to access to his dreamy world.


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