PichiAvo in Wynwood, Miami


The main process of PichiAvo’s work is the deconstruction of classical art and urban graffiti to the construction of a new genre made by the fusion of the ancient and modern art called Urbanmythology. Juan Antonio Sánchez and Álvaro Hernández from Valencia, Spain, started to work together in 2007, blending their nicknames, today they are internationally known as PichiAvo.

Their art has its root in Greek and Roman art which is altered and fragmented through a mixture of techniques to allow the overlapping of a graffiti layer. In this way, the work is formed by many details, colours and shades that make the depth into the painting and give its 3D effect. The inclusion of graffiti style into the work evokes dynamism and immediacy which constrasts with the classicism and timeless aspect of Greek and Roman iconography.

In 2005 Pichiavo worked for the first time in USA, as part of Wynwood Walls for the event “Walls of Change”, painting over five double stacked containers. The result is a huge mural that features Greek god Poseidon accompanied by a goddess, probably identified as Athena. The characters seems to cross transversely the composition so that, in the background we see their profiles facing out, while in the foreground we admire the precision of the hands. This type of position makes the viewer to slid the eye on the scene dominated by graffiti tags and throw ups, and then follow the characters’ glance outside of the painting. It’s astonish remix of classical art and graffiti history that involves the viewer into a perpetual and imaginary space where past and present meet.


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