“Picture Perfect” by Leon Keer in Wynwood, Miami

Leon Keer

The contrast is the key to understand the world of Dutch anamorphic street artist, Leon Keer who works with a blend of techniques, using different materials from acrylic paints to adhesives, tar, solvents and primers. Keer realises 3D murals in which the presence of high details makes his paintings so realistic that you have the feel of getting into.The ephemerality of his work, which is strongly connected to the place and its residents, is offset by the images that shared via social media all over the world. Very often his art is immersed in a childish and playful atmosphere which is emphasised by his ability of performing as a street painter. This allows him to involve the public into the happiness of painting and at the same time, to encourage it to reflect on the social issues of our time. In this way, it’s possible to identify a strong message in his work that regards environmental contamination, urban colonization and social interaction.

For Wynwood Art District, in Miami, Keer creates a mural featuring an old Polaroid camera where a picture that says ME comes out from. There is also an oversize barbie doll in the painting as symbol of this world based on appearance. The scene wants to suggest a particular version af a modern selfie to raise awarness of our selfish society as Keer explaines:

The forced sefies will consume the unique identity you have and blur upon the existance of the person you are. Humanity and kindness does not arise from selfishness”.



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