Pixel Pancho in Wynwood, Miami

Pixel Pancho

Interpreter of a surreal world made by hybrid human-robots, Italian street artist Pixel Pancho creates a glaze of rust which covers his sceneries leaving a more ancient feeling. His robotic creatures are presented with powerful gestural and physical references. In this way, Pixel Pancho humanises his robot that becomes, as he says:

“metaphor of the man. (…) In the history, human being always tried to be God, creating and trying to control everything around him. I wanted to show the mistakes made by the humanity but through the robot which is created by the man. It’s like to look at them by from another point af view.

At Wynwood Walls, for the outdoor exhibition “Fear Less”, Pixel Pancho takes part of the event with an elaborated narrative formed by three small robots walking away from a giant robotic biomechanic character. They are driven by the large figure to go toward a golden cage with the sign “freedom” and all the scene is immersed in a natural landscape. Pixel Pancho represents freedom as a golden cage where the robots are entering, encouraging us to be watchful, to be afraid of our world, remarking that “fear is a possibility of salvation”.


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