“Poliziotto innamorato”by CLET in Naples, Italy

CLET is a French artist, active in Italy since the Nineties. His interesting work is organized within the city limits, interacting with them in an ironic and sometimes controversial way. His work focuses mainly on road signs. On the small surface of the main traffic signs he applies the stickers, transforming the initial message from the basic and universal content in a new message whose graphics can attribute new reading and interpretation keys. Clet wants to attribute character and personality to a standardized language that only wants to obey a precise function. A creative and disobedient action in the urban context by an artist initially away from the world of street art. Clet works in Italy, especially in Florence where he lives, but also in some foreign capitals. His freedom of expression is sometimes hampered by the intransigent authorities. His “Christ Crucified” applied on the sign of the “dead end”, in particular in Italy, at first glance was judged blasphemous.


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