Portrait by Ant Carver in Shoreditch, London

Ant Carver is a London based artist who interchanges the work in the studio with the paintings in the streets. His style and technique is a mix of tradition and modernity that lead him to use predominantly oil and spray paint. The portrait is essential for his work as an element to investigate various places and backgrounds. The series of portraits is actually a media to show different people and cultures talking about diversity and inclusivity. For the Shoreditch Art Wall, Ant Carver created four panels portraying famous models using his specific style. He realises a grey-scale realistic and detailed portrait on bright and colourful base where he incorporates abstract elements that he also uses for the creation of the face. This is a kind of homage to his past as a graffiti artist. The final configuration of the painting drive you to focus on the gaze of the person creating a particular connection between the viewer and the subject.

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