“Simbiosi” by Edoardo Tresoldi for Parco Arte Sella in Trentino, Italy

Edoardo Tresoldi

In this blog we have already talked about Edoardo Tresoldi and his ethereal and majestic wire mesh architectures. In this post we want to present “Simbiosi”, site specific work unveiled last 15th September for Parco Arte Sella in Borgo Valsugana, Trentino, realised on top of the hill formed because of a storm. This artistic park shows projects by famous artists and architects since 1986, after being closed for damages, it was re-opened to the public in spring. “Simbiosi” by Tresoldi wants to generate a full interpenetration between nature and architecture playing with the transparency of the metallic mesh. The intent, behind this work, is to re-discover the park through the insertion of this aery structure which produces new points of view of the surroundings modifying aesthetic results and perceptions of the place. Tresoldi creates artworks as spaces of contemplation and reflection, where his “absent matter”, as he defines his language of transparency, establishes a dialogue between material and immaterial, earthly and spiritual world. In this case, Tresoldi introduces a new element to complete his poetics: the material richness of the local stone that seems to invite us to consolidate the foundations in the ground, leaving to the metallic net the ability to rise upwards. As the history of Parco Arte Sella is strictly connected to the nature and the trasformations of the place, Tresoldi features this aspect in his work because the natural element will flourishes, changing the appearance of the structure and turning it into constantly evolving artwork.


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