Stencil work by JANA and JS in London

The adorable art duo known as “Jana & Js” is made up of an Austrian girl and a French boy. The couple follows an artistic path closely linked to their private life, from which they often draw inspiration. The technique used is the stencil and the favorite subjects are just the two artists: they are picked up in moments of recollection, tenderness, rest and introspection. Sometimes we seem to witness the natural flow of a solid love story, we look curious viewers, voyeurs. The two artists seem to insist exactly on the concept of the gaze that captures, reproducing often the object of the camera. The male seems to be the active part of this process, the woman passively and devotedly receives the attention of her photographer.
A feature of their stencils is a background that seems to play in miniature a special architecture; some recall the vertical cities of Hong Kong, other New York architectures.


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