“SuperWomen” by Lediesis in Florence, Tuscany

Florence celebrates International Women’s Day with the depiction of eight femminine icons that are located in some strategic places of the city center. Anonymous artist Le# that appears on Instagram as Lediesis chosed to frame his artworks on the blind windows of the historical buildings in Florence. She/he used the paste-up technique that consists in a painting on the paper which is glued on the wall, that combines the project and the realization in the studio with the thrill of leaving the work in the streets. The subjects are thought to celebrate all the aspects of the woman from the intelligence of the astrophysicist Margherita Hack and Nobel Prize-winning neurologist Rita Levi Montalcini, to the strenght and courage of the princess Leida of Star Wars and Beatrix Kidd of Kill Bill movie; from the determination of the Mexican painter Frida Khalo to the sensuality of Sophia Loren in La Ciociara and the ieratic beauty of the Egyptian Queen Nefertiti and finally, the holy image of Vergin Mary. All these women are represented with the “S” of SuperWomen and with a closed eye, as they wink to the passers-by creating a strong connection with the viewer.

The principal aim of Lediesis project, as she/he says, is: “sharing with the world, especially through the lightness, the idea that the superpowers are in each of us”.


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