“Take a look at the wild side” by Millo in Battipaglia, Italy

Italian street artist Francesco Camillo Giorgino, aka Millo, creates huge murals with his typical monochromatic style, where sometimes he introduces spurts of colours. His work is always dominates by characters who occupy all the space, showing in the background the city. His art talks about the intent of keeping the feelings and emotions of the human beings in our stressful and chaotic modern society. Millo wants to let us think about the relationship between us and our ego, going beyond the illness of the routine life and recovering the sensitivity and empathy.

In this case Millo works with the surface of the building, using the pillars for creating the parts of the window. He makes his immense figures looking out from this window, as they are observing us. According to Millo’s aesthetic we are the “wild side” that he wants to encourage to take a look at.11694091_931906366877066_5271540953136641851_n.jpg

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