“Tankman” by A.SignL in Cologne, Germany

Since August 2012 in Vogelsanger Street 283, Cologne, it’s possible to admire a huge mural realised by A.Signl from the Captain Borderline crew. The collective wants to show the borderlines in our society through biting social criticism and ironic characters. The public spaces are for them blank canvas to portray the ugliness and the injustices of the world. In this case A.Signl uses an iconic imagery from Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989 to protest against the human rights violations in China nowadays. He makes a tank with the cheap consumer products “made in China”. In particularly, it stands out the electric toothbrush as cannon, some electronic devices and other recognisable gadgets showing all the goods that are part of the collective consciousness. To front the tank, A.Signl visualises a man standing with the bags that say “ Fair Trade”, conveying the mural as an anti-consumerism manifesto.

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