“The Eagle has landed” by Hygienic Dress League in Lisbon, Portugal

In 2007 husband and wife visual artists Steve and Dorota Coy registered a corporation Hygienic Dress League (HDL) with the aim of self-promotion. The framework of a corporation is used legally and conceptually as a new form of art. Their project is based on not manufacturing o selling anything but using public art and street art as instrument to realise their own marketing campaign creating a parallelism with the advertisement agency. They want to bring art to the masses communicating powerful messages as the criticism of commercialism, the art world and today’s values grounded on the greed. In Lisbon, at LX Factory HDL realised a huge eagle dressed as businessman to represent the coming of capitalism. Working on the line between serious and satire, Hygienic Dress League chooses street art because of its communicative impulse for talking about consumerism and the corporate manipulation of the culture oriented to generate social changes.

Hygienic Dress League

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