The London Police in Amsterdam, Netherlands

In Amsterdam, in the Jordaan area on Prinsengracht, The London Police creates this mural just in front of one of  the canals making a great fusion between urban art and ancient architecture. This British duo composed of Chaz Barrisson and Bob Gibson moved to Amsterdam at the end of the 90s with the idea to bring a new street art in Netherland’s capital. Their style is marked by a mix between the little character called LAD invented by Chaz and the detailed architectural illustration by Bob. Those two styles together generate a strong personal mark on the street art scene. For this specific mural TLP inserts the bold iconic characters, made with simple body and happy expression, on the left part of the wall occupying all the space. On the right a huge robot lead by two people reveals a very precise technologic interior. The sense of TLP’s work is in the play of the contrasts: the choice to use black and white colours and the balance between the circle drawing of the LADS and the straight lines of the architecture elements.


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