“The Mediterranean Tunnel” by MTO in Sapri, Italy

The case of the block of migrants aboard the “Diciotti” ship that involves Matteo Salvini, Minister of Internal Affairs , charged for kidnapping, represents the culmination of an ongoing tragedy that sees migrants in the Mediterranean as protagonist. The journey to Italy has proved increasingly dangerous and in recent months there has also been a very worrying deterioration in the health of new arrivals from Libya.
In 2015 MTO (French street artist) made a double mural: a giant man slashed the wall of a house in Sliema (Malta) and his face appeared on the wall of a house in Sapri (province of Salerno, Italy) exhausted by desperation. The emblematic title: “The Mediterranean Tunnel”. The artist was inspired by the journey of migrants who leave every day from the African coasts to arrive in Italy with the hope, often betrayed, of being able to continue towards northern Europe. In an article we read what the artist said: “Malta takes the dead and sends the living in Italy”, referring to the preceding dispute between Malta and Italy in the rescue of migrants.Today, after three years, the situation has definitely not improved.
MTO uses gray and black for its representations, always broken by a decisive and bright red. The definition of faces is very interesting, very expressive and often portraying famous personalities that he likes.

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