The Playing Cards by Lucas Antics in Bristol, UK

Illustrator, designer and muralist from Bristol, Lucas Antics creates an universe of original and crafty animals. Looking at her paintings it seems to turn the pages of a children book. The quality and the beauty of the design dialogues with the comic side of the work. Her animals are represented in humoristic poses having the explicit intention to bring hilarity to the street art. She paints the city with colourful nonsense characters as rampant rabbits, thoughtful foxes and indifferent sea animals. Very particular is the interpretation of the playing cards for private gates that gave her the chance to include resident’s favourite animals in the project. The energetic Joker is a fox that is holding a chicken drumstick, the Jack is a schemer hare, the Queen is a posh cat with her mouse and the King of the forest is an unenthusiastic owl. The design is completed by a realistic “mirrored” effect. Lucas Antics’ art brings joy and carefreeness to the scenery of the murals.

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