“Toy Town” by Dotmaster in Croydon, London

Known with the pseudonym of Dotmaster, British street artist Leon Sessix creates the series of Toy Town, murals that cover the wall in the street with big toys communicating the hilarity and jocosity of the childhood.

In Croydon, Dotmaster joins in the Croydon Mural Project led by Rise Gallery painting a huge ginger doll. He plays with the brightness of the colours making a pink dress and striped tights to give an explosion of hues to this grey borough. In front of this mural Dotmaster realizes another piece of his series, Astroboy, in which he has been working over the years. Both the toys are using the spray writing the word toy, which is a term, for the graffiti writers, to define a poor work from a new writer with no experience or skills. Dotmaster engages a game with the oppositions, creating a contrast between the meaning of the word and the subject of his work that suggests a naïf style and the high quality of the mural.



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