“Tuttomondo” by Keith Haring in Pisa, Italy

In a blog about street art it’s not possible to miss one of the pioneers of the movement. Keith Haring is an American artist, starting from the suburbs where le leaved his mark on the advertising panels in the metropolitan stations, he achieved an international recognition due to his high communicative style. Flowing into his art different influences of his time, such as graphic comics, industrial gadgets and Abstract Expressionism. In Pisa, Italy, Haring realised a huge mural, just one year before he died, on the external wall of Sant’Antonio Abate Church, creating a connection with his past because the artwork is between the bus and the rail stations. His mural is a celebration of the harmony and the peace in the world through the connections and the joints of thirty figures. The colourful and powerful painting is rich of symbols because each character represents an aspect of the world in peace portrayed by a collective dance to the music beat.

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