“Welcome to Rebibbia” by Zerocalcare in Rome, Italy

Zerocalcare is a comic book illustrator who reflects on our society showing stories of different generations and having, as a main character, Armadillo as a projection of his personality. For the first time, Zerocalcare works on the mural creating one of his sketch using brushes and paints. He realises a 40 meters artwork on the wall during Rome Book Fair in collaboration with ATAC public transportation company. “Welcome to Rebibbia” receives the passengers of the tube station celebrating the district known especially for the prison. Zerocalcare grew up in this neighbourhood that he considers “in the middle between San Francisco and Pescara”. He creates a huge mammoth that carries the history of this Rome suburbs on the shoulders. The artist takes inspiration from the discovery of ancient elephant fangs from Pleistocene Epoch as the proud symbol of the community to contrast with the Rebibbia jail. In his mind, there is the idea to give value to this area, famous for bad reasons, illustrating buildings, people and the history that make the identity of the place.

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