Wrdsmth in Brick Lane, London

Wrdsmth is a street artist from Midwest based in LA who works with words aiming to inspire the people with positive messages touched by charm and humor. The power of the word is the center of his work, starting from quotes that concern our fears, feelings and dreams, he reaches the people with his poetic approach. Wrdsmth uses a mixed style, made by stencil and sticker technique, based on a white background and an old school typewriting to intensifies the resonance of the words. Grounding from a simple idea, that combines art and words, Wrdsmth wants to motivate the people dealing with social issues such as economic crisis and addiction to media treated always with ironic nuances and adding some romance hints. In Brick Lane Wrdsmth leaves his motivational message putting literally a smile on the faces of the people walking in that street.


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