“Young Girl” by Mr Papillon in Valparaiso, Chile

Valparaiso is la mecca for street art, every corner or alley is a perfect space for the artists to leave their own mark. Walking into a little passage, Leighton 229 in Cerro Alegre, you can find  this colourful painting by French artist Mr Papillon. It’s a vibrant mural about a gorgeous young girl who is looking and smiling at you transferring warmth and joyful. With the dark skin, long hair and huge black eyes she represent a stereotype of the beauty in Latin America. But it’s her expression to make you smile reminding us the time of the carefreeness, characteristic of that age. She is surrounded by flowers and rays that highlight the cheerful and lively atmosphere. Mr Papillon spent one year travelling and making a reportage in Latin America enriching his art with the brilliant colours and happiness typical of this part of the world.


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